this is a carrd helper acc and make carrds for free! providing carrd inspos & tutorials! kpop, genshin & anitwt ONLY. we are doing this only as a hobby don't expect us to be active all the time.
If you're interested in purchasing carrd pro, we'll be very grateful if you use our referral code CLOUDCRDS or try.carrd.co/cloudcrds !!

.whatever is on our carrd does not affect this account.

admin 🥞kai or uta@finderqirlit nymrsc crd
admin 👒kylan@wondrracxe they bunrsc crd
admin 🧋zei@zhongligaysshe they 
admin 🍐tiff@cobipoutshe herrkive


BEFORE REQUESTING we are an english speaking account, you must have a verified account on carrd & at least have one space to make a new one, do not request us something that is out of your plan/element range
DO NOT REQUEST IF fit the basic dni criteria, radfem, you use fancy fonts, invalidate any/neopronouns, support bi/pan lesbians, impatient with your request or constantly spam us, you're going to unfollow us after finishing your request or we will block you permanently


(1) must be following cloudcrds
(2) you must be subscribed to our channel
(3) please be patient upon waiting for your request for we might be busy with school/work stuff.
(4) do not remove our credit
(5) we have the right to refuse or ignore your request without further explanation.
(6) when using an inspo from us please credit
(7) must provide elements, info, and inspo for your desired carrd


are these for free? — Yep :D ; admin 🥞 sells some of it's crds though
can we edit the carrd? — Yes, as long as you don't remove our credit
can we remake your carrds? — Yes as long as you give credit.
do you accept all the requests you get? — No, but there might be cases that you didn't follow a rule or it is a request that is out of your plan/element range.
*how long will it take for you to make the request? — 5-10 days, but it also depends on our schedule
can we request tutorials? — Yep! just link the carrd you want a tutorial of on our ccat !
where can we request for carrds? — It can be through gform or our dms, if through dms give us the needed information/elements, and inspo to make your carrd.